Will Requirements

will-requirementsA common question we get is: What are the will requirements here in Oklahoma?

The requirements in no certain order are as follows:

I. The testator must be eighteen (18) years or older.

II. The testator must have legal capacity – which in Oklahoma means he or she is of a sound and disposing mind and memory

III. The Last Will & Testament must be signed by the Testator

IV. The Will must be witnessed by two (2) or more witnesses

V. The Will itself must be in writing (except for oral wills), and

VI. The Will must be free from fraud, duress or undue influence.

Getting the will requirements right is not always done. There are cases here in Oklahoma where someone has prepared their own Will, however, the will requirements set forth above were not met and the Will itself was rejected by the Court.

Don’t let that happen to you or a loved one of yours.

Call us here at Broken Arrow Law Center PC and we will ensure that the Will that is drafted for your loved one is not only professionally done but is also ultimately admitted into evidence in a probate court at a later date.




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