Probate Lawyer Tulsa

Who or what is a probate lawyer and where do I find a good one when I am searching Google under the search term: “probate lawyer tulsa”?

The answer to that two fold question is as follows:

First. A probate lawyer is a lawyer that prosecutes a probate action and/or proceedings. That civil proceeding essentially  does the following:

a) determines if any individual passed away, and if so, what county did he or she reside in at the time of their passing?

b) determines if  the decedent leave behind a Last Will And Testament?

c) determines who were the heirs/next of kin that survived them?

d) determines who should be appointed the Personal Representative of the Estate of the departed?

e) determines what assets, real or personal, did the decedent leave behind?

The outcome  of the probate action is to empower the Personal Representative to distribute the decedent’s assets to those beneficiaries he or she listed as takers under his or her Last Will and Testament.

Secondly. As for a good probate lawyer to undertake the probate action: we here at Broken Arrow Law Center PC have been doing probates, large and small, for decades. We do probates and we do them well. Always have, always will.  Simply put: we have the requisite experience to get the job done. Please give us a call at : 918-286-8001 and allow us to give you a competitive quote on a probate action. We serve the greater Tulsa metroplex.


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