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will-lawyerAre you in the market for a will lawyer?

If so, you have come to the right place.

Some times in life: less is more. Rather than signing off on a complex Trust, and spending time managing that Trust: it’s just simpler and easier to sign off on a old fashioned Last Will & Testament. Not to mention it’s less costly.

At a minimum a good Will should cover the following basics:

One. Set forth your marital status and let us know who makes up your immediate family.

Two. Tell us in the event you pass away: who will be the Executor of your Will? The Executor sees to it that your assets pass to your loved ones in the manner you desire.

Three. Sets forth what special gifts you are giving to your beneficiaries -whether it be a cash gift or otherwise.

Four. Let’s us know who gets the residual and/or remainder of your Estate (after special gifts are handed out)?

Five. Sets forth whether or not you are disinheriting anyone. If so, their name or names and the relationship they bear to you.

With these basics covered: your Last Will and Testament will serve you well. After all: it’s your opportunity on this side of the grave to tell the world who gets your belongings. If it clearly sets that out with clarity : you’ve done a good job and your efforts will be rewarded. You have confidence in knowing your things will get to your loved ones in the manner you desire.

Finally, the Last Will & Testament will be admitted later in a probate proceeding assuming: a) the requisite witnesses have watched you sign your Will  b) you have signed your Will before the witnesses and asked them to watch you sign your Will   c) you have dated the instrument  d) the notary public has signed it and placed her seal on the Will and e) the Will itself is not ambiguous… but instead clearly sets forth the nature of your bounty.

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