Probates in Oklahoma

Probates in Oklahoma

What is a probate?

The purpose of a probate is to : a) determine the heirs/next of kin of the departed and  b) pass the property left behind by the decedent to those same heirs.

Probates in Oklahoma consist of: a) testate Estates – these probates arise when the departed left behind a Last Will and Testament  and   b) intestate Estates – these probates take place where the decedent did not leave behind a Will and/or a Trust.

In a testate Estate – the Probate Judge is charged will reading the Last Will & Testament to determine if it meet’s all the criteria required of Wills under the Oklahoma Statutes. Assuming the Will passes those criteria the property is then distributed at a later date to the beneficiaries listed under the Will.

In a intestate Estate – inasmuch as the decedent left behind no Will or Trust – property is distributed to the heirs pursuant to Oklahoma Intestate Heir Statutes found under  Title 84 of the Oklahoma Statutes.

Probates can be either: a) contested   or  b) uncontested.  Either way, it’s important to retain counsel that has the requisite knowledge and experience in matters of probate. Give us a call at : (918) 286-8001 and we will be glad to discuss with you the process of commencing and completing a probate action.

We have been doing probates for over thirty (30) years and know what challenges probate actions entail. Simply put: we do probates in Oklahoma and we do them with all due diligence.




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